The NHF and CIH are joining forces to create the newest and most collaborative event in housing

The Housing Community Summit is taking place on 9-10 September 2024 in Liverpool.


"The newly launched Housing Community Summit will bring together our sector at a critical time. It offers a unique opportunity to listen, learn and collaborate on a scale not seen before. Delegates will be able to engage with leaders, experts and practitioners on challenges and opportunities, whilst exploring good practice and innovation."
Martin Collett
Chief Executive, English Rural
"Tenants being at the heart of and included in the conversations and debates is what this conference is about, and I am happy to be a part of the first Community Housing Summit and echo the tenants voice."
Kai Jackson
Chair of Residents Scrutiny Voice Panel, Black Country Housing Group
"I’m excited to be part of September’s Housing Community Summit. It’s a great opportunity for housing professionals and residents to join forces under one roof – to learn, share and talk together about the issues that matter. It’s a chance to listen, to show our positive impact, and develop new networks, partnerships and thinking for the benefit of residents and communities everywhere."
Elly Hoult
Chief Operating Officer, Peabody Trust

The vision. The plan. The practice.

Step into the future of housing at the Housing Community Summit – a groundbreaking collaboration between the National Housing Federation (NHF) and the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH).

The Housing Community Summit is not just a conference; it's a forum for debating and actively shaping the future of social housing.

We’ll bring together thousands of housing professionals, stakeholders, politicians, and residents under one roof at this community-driven event, by the sector, for the sector.

At the heart of our programme, we’ll deliver content that aligns with your organisation's social purpose. Housing in Focus provides the high-quality strategic content you’ve come to expect, with Housing in Practice offering a bespoke programme tailored for practitioners.

Your voice matters, and at the Housing Community Summit, it will not only be heard but amplified and celebrated.

The Housing Community Summit is where collaboration meets action, and your presence is crucial. Now is the time to invest in yourself, your team, your organisations and more importantly the residents and communities you support.

Register now to be a driving force in shaping the future of housing.

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